Choice Solutions Limited gives you the gift of time and lets you focus on your key skills and responsibilities. As such you leave your on going IT management activities in our experienced hands for timely and prompt delivery.

  • Patch Management
  • Asset Management
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • User State Management
  • End Point Security
  • BackUp and Disaster Recovery
Every IT Manager working with multiple servers, workstations & travelling clients quickly realizes how difficult it is to keep every machine up-to-date with the latest Microsoft software. The Hosted Patch Management service provided by Choice Solutions solves this problem by providing a secured, comprehensive, and automated Patch Management solution to deploy Microsoft updates to any machine - regardless of location. Administrators can easily update dozens or hundreds of machines without visiting each desktop.

Using this solution, our administrators can completely automate the discovery, deployment and installation of Microsoft Windows updates without any end-user or administrator intervention. Alternatively, administrators may choose to review patch scan results and decide if, when and how each missing patch or update is applied.


Patch Management Solution of Choice Solution features customizable alerts when new updates are available or when a patch installation fails to execute properly. Easily schedule system updates on a pre-defined and recurring schedule for all of clients managed systems and have the confidence that client will be the first to know if there is a problem. Administrators may configure the Patch Management solution to automatically launch a script when a specific condition is met - such as when new updates are available or when a patch installation fails. This simple yet powerful option provides limitless possibilities for automating the reaction to new patch releases from Microsoft.

Most Administrators Don't Have Enough Time To Test Every Microsoft Update For Each System. The Hosted Patch Management solution solves the problem by providing the ability to remotely "rollback" individual updates on a specific machine or group of machines, allowing safe deployment of every new Microsoft update while protecting against problematic Microsoft updates.

The Patch Management Solution of Choice Solution also allows administrators to configure clients managed systems to download Microsoft updates from the Microsoft website or from Kaseya Agent on the same network. Systems without internet access may download the updates from any other machines located on the network without mapping drives, sharing folders or any other system modification. These flexible options help administrators to minimize internet bandwidth and increase the speed of deployment of Microsoft updates on large networks. Patch Management also allows administrators to take control of the Automatic Updates component of the Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. Administrators may disable, enable or configure Microsoft® Automatic Updates remotely.

Easy and Fast Deployment

•    Get your clients up and running in minutes.
•    No additional software to install.
•    Does not require any Patch Management servers or additional software.
•    Ensures that all systems are protected regardless of location.

Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans 

•    Scheduled or ad-hoc Patch Management quickly determines which patches are required.
•    Managed by computer, group or user-defined collections of computers.
•    Scan an unlimited number of systems for installed and missing patches.
•    Automate the tedious process of researching individual patches
•    Identifies patches that are already installed and the date installed
•    Monitor and Maintain Patch Compliance for All Customers of Clients.

Automated Patch Deployment

•   Scheduled by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers.
•   Simultaneous deployment for all required patches quickly brings systems up-to-date.
•   Support for complete Roll-Back from within the administrator console.
•   Easily deploy patches across multiple operating systems.
•   Support for Windows 2003, 2000, NT, XP, 98, 95, Vista and 2008.
•   Configure Single Roll-out Strategy and Apply It To All Clients.

Flexible Configuration

Patch file location: Microsoft Windows Update website or local machine.
Patch file parameters: Patch Management fully supports all switches and configurations.
Flexible reboot actions and end-user notifications.

Managed Services Client Reports

Graphical Client Reports with Drill-Down Capability.
On Demand or Scheduled Reports.
Easily configure reports for Email delivery.
Export reports to HTML, Excel or Word.

The Hosted Asset Management provided by Choice Solutions solves the problem by providing customers with a comprehensive hardware and software inventory of all servers, workstations and laptops under your management. Choice Asset Management does not require special servers or reconfiguration of your existing infrastructure. Flexible scheduling provides the admin with the control to completely automate all system audit functions across multiple networks. Automatic and recurring computer audits keep inventory up-to-date and accurate at all  times and can be accessed anywhere using only a web browser. 

Asset Management Features:

·    Complete system inventory and custom configuration

·     Networks, servers, workstations and mobile systems

·     Location independent - LAN, WAN, Remote systems behind firewalls or using NAT

·    All hardware-CPUs, PCI cards, memory and drives with user notes

·    All installed software-Licenses, version numbers, path and description

·    System information from DMI and SMBIOS including

·    System-make, model, serial number, motherboard type

·    Over 40 more custom configuration items

·     Operating System information, version number and service pack

·    Current network configuration settings

·    LAN, WAN, VPN and gateway IP addresses

·    DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address

·    Local and network printers

The Hosted Asset Management provided by Choice Solutions demonstrates the value of the services with comprehensive system inventor reports. All reports are customizable, can be saved with various options for reuse and be exported to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel. In addition, all reports can be scheduled for automatic distribution via email to multiple recipients.
The Remote Desktop Control from Choice Solutions is the ideal solution for users who need fast, reliable and secure remote access to their network, servers, workstations and laptops in the field. The Remote Desktop Control solution, works seamlessly with users’ existing network infrastructure including computers using public access points, behind firewalls or a NAT-enabled gateway. Administrators may also remotely configure the client software - including passwords, notification method, screen mode and remote control level. 

The Remote Desktop Control solution also includes maximum security feature using 256-bit RC4 encryption for all sessions. All communications between the host and local connection is encrypted with 256-bit RC4, using a key that rolls at least once per day – making sure no plain-text data packets pass over the internet. This security extends to the FTP tool with drag-and-drop file transfer capabilities between the host and client.


Save Time, Increase Productivity and ROI

Remote Access to Any Computer from Anywhere

·    Administrators Can Access Host Computers from Any Web Browser.
·    No Additional Infrastructure or IT Resources Are Required.

Remote Control Software Can Also Help

·    Provide Remote Training and Troubleshooting.
·    Improve Helpdesk Response Time.
·    Reduced Travel by Technicians.

Easy and Fast Deployment  

·    Helps Systems to be Up and Running in Minutes.
·    Automatic and Transparent Installation of Software Upgrades etc.
·    Easy Administration of Users and Access Policies.

Transfer Files Between Local and Remote Computers     

·    Simple Windows Drag and Drop Interface.

Firewall Friendly with Maximum Security 
·    Web-Based Screen-Sharing Technology Works With Existing Firewalls.
·    No Inbound Ports to Change or Open.
·    No Configuration of IP Addresses.
·    No Extra Hardware or Software to Deploy.
·    Access Computers Behind Gateways (NAT) Without Port Mapping.
·    Built-In Protection Against Man-In-The-Middle Attacks.

Flexible Configuration and Control     

·    Password Protected.
·    View Only, User Notification and Video Options.
·    Configured On a Per Computer Basis.

Using only a web browser, IT managers and end-users can quickly and securely access their computers from anywhere. Using managed services software of Choice Solutions, IT Managers have the tools, flexibility and information they need to be successful.

IT Managers appreciate that proactive monitoring is critical to the security, performance and reliability of any network. Managed Services software of Choice Solutions provides Administrators the network tools they need to monitor any network device or a centralized and secure web-based portal. The Network Operations Center (NOC) of Choice Solutions allows clients to monitor their infrastructures round-the-clock. The Managed Services software can be configured to continuously monitor email servers, web servers or other network and web-based services.

The Managed Services software can test network and internet connections using a ping command, and if desired, use specific commands to test DNS, SMTP, POP or HTTP services. Administrators may also configure the Managed Services software to send notification alerts when critical servers go down, end-users modify hardware or when a possible security threat occurs. Administrators can use the special options in the software to perform real-time monitoring of any system or device. This feature helps organizations to quickly troubleshoot network, internet or server performance issues from a remote site or office.

The Managed Services software provides enterprises with comprehensive trending reports for long-term management of their networks. Some examples of how our Managed Services Provisioning help in systems and network trending are as follows:

Machine Changes Report- Administrators can easily track changes on a per-machine basis by comparing the current audit information (hardware specs, disk space, installed software) against the baseline audit information. The package will highlight the differences between the audits or optionally, with which administrators can compare audit information between two different machines.

Network Statistics Report - The built-in Managed Services Reports displays the network bandwidth consumption by machine or individual application over a configurable time period.

Uptime History Report - Administrators can easily view machine uptime status over a configurable time period and determine if a machine is online, offline or has been shut down abnormally. Administrators can use the Managed Services software to track server uptime, faulty workstations or to be notified when remote users are online.

Monitor Reports - These reports are particularly useful for trending since they allow users to see data collected by windows performance counters and SNMP objects over a configured time period.

SNMP Monitoring

Kaseya SNMP Monitoring allows organizations to monitor print servers, firewalls, routers or any other SNMP-compatible device on the network. By installing a single agent on any machine in the LAN, administrators can easily monitor an entire network within minutes! Our SNMP Monitoring includes many popular MIB sets from award-winning technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sonicwall, Dell and many more. Enterprise customers may also request upload of custom MIB sets to monitor any SNMP-compatible device.

Event Log Monitoring

IT Managers need to keep a watchful eye on servers, workstations and even laptops in the field. Our Event Log Monitoring software solves the problem by providing an easy method to collect, analyze and archive the Microsoft Windows Event Logs to a central location. The locally installed agent sends the Application, Security and System Event Logs in real-time to the administrator for review.

Our solution comes with many pre-defined Event Log sets for popular application vendors such as Veritas, Microsoft, Trend Micro and many more. Administrators can add custom Event Log monitoring sets to monitor any application.

Choice Solutions provides User State Management services as an add-on module under Remote Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Services. It helps in the enablement, definition and deployment of group profiles as well as in remote deployment & user customization of process undertaken during operating system, hardware or application upgrades. User State Management services also helps in maintaining operational consistency across an organization and enforcing ideal corporate standards. User State Management services combined with Intel® vPro™ Technology help to deliver to increase productivity even while pro-actively promoting energy efficiency.

User State Management – Features

•     A completely integrated solution.
•     Automated desktop migration of user settings on operating systems, hardware or application upgrades.
•     Defines and deploys standard corporate policies and profiles to fit needs of a organization.
•     Defines and manages desktop standard settings and configuration of a group of machines that’s specific to the
Need of an organization or group of organizations.
It helps restore machine account information and user settings from the backups.
•      User State Management services help preserve user customizations and machine "personalities".
User State Management services help maintain consistency across the organization.
User State Management services help in enforcing of set corporate standards.
User State Management services contribute to the global "Green initiative" with Intel® vPro™ Technology.

Choice Solutions provides End Point Security is an add-on module service under Remote Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Services. End Point Security helps provide an essential security protection component. By incorporating reactive antivirus and spyware detection as well as using the latest proactive technologies, IT professionals at Choice Solutions can provide the most effective protection against malicious programs to clients ensuring them protection not only from virus attacks but also protection from other unknown threats that includes bugging, hacking and spam mails.

End Point Security - Features

End Point Security provides a complete integrated solution that allows maximum security for desktops, notebooks, and file servers against threats.
It allows for central administration of all features, including updates, and scheduling.
End Point Security helps reduce cost and purchase of newer equipment.
Easier to use for protection.
End Point Security provided by Choice Solutions has major antivirus certifications including VB100%, ICSA, West Coast Labs Checkmark.
Under End Point Security improved virus detection is provided based on better heuristics and NTFS data streams scanning.
End Point Security comes with a unique automatic threat-removal anti-spyware engine.
End Point Security comes with a resident shield that allows on-access scanning.

Choice Solutions helps provide BackUp and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) service as an add-on module under Remote Infrastructure Management/Monitoring Services. BackUp and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) module helps provide real-time automated disk backup, disk imaging, file level backup and bare-metal restore for Windows servers and workstations. Automation, superior performance, ease of use and security are the features of BackUp and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) module. But unlike other conventional file-based back-up products, this module creates an image of the entire system state, including operating system, user settings, applications and data. This module allows the application and server to be available always since the backup process does not require system downtime.

Once a backup is created, Offsite Replication ensures that image and folder backups are immediately and automatically transferred and stored safely away from the business location. This process is completely automated and eliminates the need for a person to make an remember to take backup media, such as tapes, home or drop them off at a location for storage.

For quick and easy data recovery under BackUp and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) module Choice Solutions uses Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery software. The Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery software is capable of meeting various user demands be it recovery of a few files, restoration of a system from a crash or recover systems from bare-metal in the event of a disaster. Kaseya BUDR provides IT Professionals with the most comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective server and workstation protection.