Maintanance & Uptime Management
Choice Solutions as a company is highly trusted by customers for best-in-class price/ performance ratio and high quality services to address the information technology requirements of corporate, small and medium enterprises in India. With a reputation for being the ultimate end-to-end IT solution provider to delivering high quality products and services, we consistently out-feature and out-perform the competition.

Any maintenance service needs support from OEM vendors andChoice Solutions is supported by OEMs who train our service engineers on the nuances of their products. Our Support Service is through a Single Point of Contact with Committed Response and Resolution Time. We also offer Personalized Telephonic Support and Dedicated Account Engineer with full ownership of an account. Our extended support system has put in place a Transparent Escalation Matrix in order to increase User SAT.

The consulting and augmentation methodology we use is based on the Indian market exposure. Multiple customer deliveries have helped in fine tuning our processes and technology requirements for delivery and support. We also take advantage of innovative tools and automated analysis to avoid labour or time intensive consulting engagements to deliver rapid results. Its known that hardware uptime at any site comes with preparedness of the team providing the service to users. Choice Solutions implements this with focus on the following elements essential to the success of maintaining a high uptime at any site namely:-

  ·   Defined Service Level Agreement
  ·   Preventive Maintenance Plan
  ·   Defined PM Schedule 
  ·   Defined PM Schedule    
  ·   Problem 
        -    Diagnosis Expertise
        -   Trouble Shooting Expertise
        -    Resolution Expertise
  ·  Database Management
  ·  Diagnosis Expertise
  ·  Data Back-up Management
  ·  Trouble Shooting Expertise
  ·  Resolution Expertise
  ·  Defined Escalation Management Plan
  ·  Defined Vendor Management Process
  ·  Defined & Preparedness for Failed Hardware Replacement
  ·  Professional Engineer Deployment Plan
  ·  Monthly Reporting to Client
  ·  Quarterly Review with the Client

Apart from this Choice Solutions also provides its customers plans depending on their needs. These include:-

  ·   In Warranty Support
  ·  Post Warranty Support
         -     On Call     
         -     Off Site 
         -     On Site 
         -  Comprehensive Replacement/Repairs of Part/Complete Machine of Equivalent / Higher Configuration
               -  Non Comprehensive (Non Parts Calls)