FM Services
Choice Solutions intends to provide a variety of Facility Management Services for UPS, Network and Electrical Systems
  • UPS AMC Services
  • Electrical Cabling Services
  • Network Cabling Services
  • UPS and Battery Rental Services
  • Facility Management Services
Choice Solutions Ltd. under its UPS AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services provides a variety of services such as:-

·    Preventive maintenance of UPS at regular intervals.
·    Monitor health of UPS batteries.
·    Check escalation levels for all locations.
·    SLA signed between client on response and resolution time.
·    24/7 support
·    Corrective measures and a report list all implemented measures.
·    SNMP-based monitoring of UPS. (if all machines have built in SNMP card)

Please Note: Batteries and Certain Components like Transformer and Capacitors Are Not Included in UPS AMC Which Are Over 5 years Old.

Working with Choice Solutions gives the users a peace of mind as they know that they have the services of an experienced partner who:

·    Has a national presence across 12 locations.
·    Has more than 80 experienced and certified engineers.
·    Has the capability to take up AMC works for almost all UPS brands for clients.

Some of our major clients are Accenture, Intertek, Sapient, Infotech, Dow Corning, SUN TV, Imagine Showbiz, and Oligvy & Mather.
Choice Solutions has the ability to take up the entire electric cabling work for client, from installed transformers to end devices such as workstations or racked equipment in data centers. Electrical Cabling Services provided by us includes the following:

·    Understanding of the requirements.
·    Design of electrical panels.
·    Distribution of Power for Dual power servers in data center.
·    Cabling and layout from the switch room to end workstation point or data center racks.

The benefits of working with Choice Solutions include:

·    Choice Solutions would coordinate with client and implement the breakers and cables to meet all their requirements.
·    A vendor neutral approach.
·    Help clients with sizing and procurement of DG if required; besides giving them the comfort of having an experienced and dedicated Project Manager for project execution from concept and architecture stage to acceptance testing and go-live.
·    We also have a range of client references that we can provide, on demand.

Choice Solutions has a team of experienced and qualified network engineers' who help clients design, setup and implement the required network system and cabling. Over-dependence on technology, high level of performance demands and need for 24/7 uptime makes network connectivity and structured cabling more critical than ever before

Our network cabling services include:

·    Understand and document requirements and goals.
·    Architect the cable layout.
·    Prepare the Bill of Materials and associated cost.
·    Help in procurement.
·     Install the cables and build the passive network with fibre and copper cables.
·    Certification
·    Troubleshooting 

Whether user requirements are for voice, video or data, we have well-trained professionals who ensure a quality architecture and installation. We have built a reputation on Service, Quality and Reliability. Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that will meet their needs today and in the future, without having to overhaul the installed equipment. Our design is modular and scalable to meet all kinds of future growth.
Choice Solutions also rents out batteries and UPS to meet a variety of short-term or regular requirements of clients. We stock a wide range of batteries such as

·    SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) Battery.
·    Stationary Battery.
·    Tubular Battery.

Choice Solutions deals in several well-known battery brands such as Panasonic, Rocket, Exide, etc. We also offer range of pre- and post-installation services such as requirement analysis, sizing, setup and regular maintenance; related to various electrical equipment such as stabilizers, batteries, transformers, inverters, UPS, etc.
Choice Solutions provides a variety of Facility Management Services to its clients on regular basis including:-

·    Monitoring variety of equipment including UPS, DG, Electrical Panels, Air-conditioners and Distribution Boards.
·    Report on voltage levels of UPS at regular intervals and maintain log in the register.
·    Coordinate with the respective vendors during break downs.
·    Health checkup of DG at regular intervals.
·    Ensure sufficient diesel is available in DG and filling it whenever required.

Our qualified and trained engineers are available 24/7 to attend to any kind of equipment downtime. Choice Solutions holds regular meetings with the clients to review issues and provide proactive support. If the warranty expires, we work with the OEM to provide extended warranty or AMC. We also keep required stock of all materials that might be required in client facility.