Power Audit
Power Audit also called Power Quality is a concept of powering & grounding of electronic equipment, in manner which is suitable to its operation & compatible with premise wiring system & other connected equipment.

  • Datacenter Air Quality Audit
  • Datacenter and Facility Cooling Audit
  • Datacenter and Facility Power Audit
  • Thermography Test
  • Harmonics Study
Choice Solutions through its Air Quality Audit Team assesses the ambient environmental conditions such as particle content, humidity factors, clean-room factors such as air-change rate. Existence of certain contaminants in the data center air can be harmful to the life of the IT equipment. Choice Solutions' air quality audits follows well-established guidelines such as ISO 14644-1. The assessment will reveal information on:-

•    Airborne particulate as well as settled particulate, under and above raised floor.
•   Microscopic particle per cubic metre of air.
•   Corrosion/oxidation level and how can it be mitigated.
•   Sub-floor anti static and condition of sub floor plenum.
•   Sub-floor contamination/microbial levels.
•   Condition of the vapour barrier, if it exist.

If the client is worried about the air contaminants in data center or for office area, which may affect the health of the staff, Choice Solutions can help to assess all the associated quality and risks.

Auditing of cooling systems to assess right sizing, inlet and return airflow as well as hotspots. Choice Solutions leverages Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to provide invaluable insights into the overall cooling design of clients cooling systems. The key goals of a cooling audit are:

•  Assessing the existing cooling environment within the datacenter and provide guidance for improvements.
•  Optimizing the performance of the existing cooling infrastructures without having to make major changes to the rack layouts or make new investments in infrastructure.

Study shows that the average datacenter can improve cooling efficiency by roughly 30%. This efficiency can save thousands of dollars in electrical costs and prevent even larger expenditures for increased cooling capacity for clients. The following diagram outlines key concerns on cooling within a datacenter:

Choice Solutions identifies problems and optimizes cooling systems by analyzing the airflow patterns and vent layouts, the layout of racks within a datacenter, the isolation or separation of hot and cold air and proper distribution of electrical loads. We have the experience to help clients identify the root cause of cooling problems, reducing the expenses and improving the efficiency of their cooling units.
Power Audits done by Choice Solutions consists of an assessment of clients data center or facility to identify utilization gaps, safety concerns or potential sources of outages. The key benefits of power audit are,

•  Improves power availability, efficiency and life of electrical components.
•  Reduces power outages, single points of failure at critical locations.
•  Reduces electricity expenses.
•  Identifys points of high power consumption and if they are optimized.
•  Improves safety, grounding, etc, and recommends solutions.
•  Identifys harmonics that can damage IT equipment and recommends filters to reduce or eliminate harmonics.
•  Identifys high EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) that exceed IEC 61000-4-8 limits and suggest solutions.
•  Analyses surface temperature at breakers, switches and required airflow to cool them.

The phases of a typical power audits are explained as follows:

If the client has unexpected outages, or is paying too much for electricity bills for datacenter or facility, has equipment that are failing more than they ought to be or if the client is concerned for the safety of staff members, please contact Choice Solutions for a power audit.

Thermography is the non-contact analysis & mapping of thermal patterns of an object. It’s known that all objects emit infrared radiation based on their temperature. Thermal imagers detect this infrared radiation & according to the black body radiation law, thermography makes it possible to see one’s environment with OR without visible illumination. As such Thermography is used to monitor & analyze the performance of electrical equipments & if done properly can help prevent fire hazards/failures.

Normal Image                                                                                  


Thermal Image

Temperature is the physical property that quantitatively expresses the common notations of hot & cold. Every object emits energy in electromagnetic spectrum. The wavelength of the energy differs depend on materials. As shown below; if the wavelength is in the range between 400 nm to 720 nm i.e. visible range, then the body would be visible. If the energy emitted is having wavelength beyond 720 nm, then it would be invisible. This infrared energy can be captured using Thermal Imager.


·    Prevent fire hazards.
·    Reduce equipment down time.
·    Maintenance economics reduction.
·    Business interruption minimization.

Choice Solutions conducts Harmonics study to protect client from power dangers, business loss & interruption, and other power related problems. The Harmonics study revolves around the use of non-linear loads that are connected to electric power systems including static power converters, arc discharge devices, saturated magnetic devices and to a lesser degree, rotating machines.

Static power converters of electric power are the largest non-linear loads and are used in industry for a variety of purposes such as electro- chemical power supplies, adjustable speed drives, and un-interruptible power supplies. These devices are useful because they can convert AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC, and AC to AC.

Non-linear loads change the sinusoidal (a succession of waves or curves) nature of the AC power current (and consequently the AC voltage drop) thereby resulting in the flow of harmonic currents in the AC power system that can cause interference with communication circuits and other types of equipment. 

When reactive power compensation in the form of power factor improvement capacitors is used with these non-linear loads, resonant conditions may occur that can result in spurt in harmonic voltage and current distortion when the resonant condition occurs at a harmonic associated with nonlinear loads.

Devices used for Harmonics Study are:- 


How Harmonics Assessment is done:-

·    Measuring of voltage & current harmonics (VTHD & ITHD) at main source & emergency source.
·    Measuring of voltage & current harmonics (VTHD & ITHD) at VFDs input, UPS system input – output & distribution.
·    Checking for voltage & current waveforms.
·    Measuring of instantaneous values of power parameters.