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Since its inception Choice Solutions Limited has been regularly providing supply and after sales service to its UPS customers.
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Choice Solutions has alliances with several OEMs to provide power-related solutions for customer needs. We provide the Bill of Materials and cost for all power requirements such as UPS, transformers, electrical panels, generator sets and switches.

Since its inception Choice Solutions has been regularly providing supply and after sales service to its UPS customers. We provide online, line-interactive, and standby UPS, protecting our customers against several common utility problems such as:

·    Power failure.
·    Power surges or sags.
·    Power Spikes (Short High-Voltage Excursion).
·    High-Frequency Transient or Oscillatory Noise.
·    Temporary Frequency Instability.
·    Harmonic Distortion.

Many of these organizations have discovered the advantages of a new generation of web-based, service desk automation platforms, like the ones provided by Choice Solutions Ltd. The platform provides a fully integrated set of management functions that can be easily deployed and utilized via the web. The intuitive user interface and unified functionality makes the solution cost effective and scalable to meet an organization's evolving needs. These are used for a variety of facilities but often for data centers to protect computers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where a brief, unexpected power outage often leads to variety of fatalities like data loss, serious business disruption or damage to equipment.

Choice Solutions provides air-conditioning solutions for facilities or datacenters to maintain the temperature and humidity within a narrow range. We help our clients maintain the data center environment within ASHRAE's recommendation (temperature range of 18 - 27 ºC (64 - 81 ºF) and humidity range of 40-55%, with a maximum dew point of 15 ºC for optimal operating conditions).

The electrical power used by equipment within a data center heats the air in a data center. The hot air should be immediately removed, otherwise the ambient temperature will rise and lead to malfunctioning and failure of electronic equipment. Controlling the humidity is also of critical importance. Too much humidity leads to water condensation on the electronic components. If the humidity is too low it can result in static electricity discharge problems, which may damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Choice Solutions is the reseller of a wide range of air-conditioners for server and network rooms as well as conditioners for large data centers. We have alliances with several well known OEMs such as Liebert, Blue Star, Voltas, APC, etc. We also provide readymade solutions for row-based or in-row cooling for data centers.
Servers, storage systems, and other equipment within a data center are often placed on racks. Each data center has several rows of racks, thus forming corridors between the numerous rows of rack. This corridor system makes the front and back of the equipment easily accessible for installation and maintenance. The equipment in a data center vary in height from 1U (1.75 inches) to large free-standing servers or storage cabinets that occupy part of a row, while the height of racks may go up to 2 meters (or 42 U). Racks in data centers are usually floor standing or sometime mounted on walls.

Choice Solutions helps its clients size the number and type of racks and equipment required for data center by the users and applications. We have alliances with various well known rack manufacturers such as APC, Valrack, HP, IBM, etc. helping users to get the best product for their needs and within their budget.
Over the years, Choice Solutions has designed and implemented variety of fire-protection and physical security solutions for IT facilities and data centers. Smoke detectors are installed in data centers to warn of an impending fire by detecting smoke particles generated by smoldering components. This early smoke detection helps to prevent fire and damage. Installing these smoke detectors helps organizations develop proactive and automatic fire suppression mechanism.

In case there is a fire despite all precautions taken Choice Solutions can tackle that problem by installing a sprinkler system to control fire. Clean agent fire suppression gaseous systems can also be installed to suppress a fire even before there is a need to use of a sprinkler system. We can also implement a passive fire-protection system as a firewall to limit fire within an area and prevent it from spreading to other areas. We execute these operations as per the local fire codes that are to be followed in each city or state.

Physical security is of critical importance for IT facilities and data centers. Access/movement to certain areas must be limited to authorized personnel. Choice Solutions has all the relevant experience in designing and implementing physical security solutions that meet client requirements. Access/movement to certain areas may be controlled using ID-based badges and biometric sensors such as hand-geometry, fingerprint or retina-based access. Use of video cameras and CCTV-based (Closed Circuit Television) surveillance system is common for data centers. This system uses a set of cameras to take pictures and transmits the images to a central monitoring station or a NOC. Generally the areas that are monitored include entrances, parts of the data center and other areas where there are more people moving around. The data/images collected need to be stored for certain number of weeks or months.

A more advanced form of CCTV is DVR (Digital Video Recorders) that provides continuous recording that can be stored for years with various quality and performance options, email alerts, automated SMS, etc. Another fast-growing area within CCTV monitoring is Internet Protocol-based cameras (IP cameras), which allows security personnel to view their cameras through any internet connection available on a computer or a phone from any place. Choice Solutions has been implementing the best possible practices having learnt them over the years. We believe the number of entrances that lead to a data center should be kept as low as possible. Having offices and data center security experts across India, we are aware of all city and state-level regulations to be followed for government certifications.