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Choice Solutions provides a verity of server, network, security and storage products to clients.
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Choice Solutions employs a number of certified and experienced network experts to design, implement and manage end-to-end networking solutions to its clients on turnkey basis or as per demand. We have over 15 years of experience in executing large and complex networks successfully. Choice Solutions provides a variety of solutions such as IT Network & Security Consulting Network & security Audits, Structured Connectivity, Switching, Routing, Security and Wireless Solutions to customers who require the highest levels of quality, scalability, security and cost effective solution. We are the registered business partners of Cisco, D-Link, Brocade and numerous other companies and provide solutions under 2 main categories of Active Components and Wireless Solutions.

Active Components

•  Cisco™ Catalyst™ Switches.
•  IOS™ Routers.
•  Foundary (Brocade) Routers and Switches.
•  D-Link Switches.

Wireless Solutions

•  Cisco Wireless Solutions.
•  D-link Wireless Solutions.

Networking Partners

•  Registered Partner of Cisco Systems.
•  Business Partner of Brocade (Foundry).
•  Business Partner of D-Link.

Security threats have increased manifold in the recent past due to growth in IT business and increased competition between companies in all the fields. Choice Solutions helps its clients enhance their IT Security in today's business environment, which demands that every organization secures its data. Security is provided not only for the purposes of the information safekeeping, but also to maintain confidentiality of the information, and to protection from cyber-crimes like stealing of the data by competitors that result in economic loss. Another type of security threat is insertion of some kind of abusive information that puts the organization in embarrassing position or desecrate the existing information. As such it has become imperative for organizations to view IT security as an integral part of the IT infrastructure and a critical component of business. Choice Solutions enjoys partnership with Technology leaders in security field such as Symantec, Fortigate, Cisco to provide the best security solutions.

Network Security - Products

•  Firewalls
•  VPN Products
•  Intrusion Detection/Prevention Products
•  Antivirus Products

Firewalls & VPNs

•  Cisco ASA, Fortinet FireBoxT, 
•  Check Point FireWall-1 / VPN-1T, Cyberoam


•  Symantec, Fortigate, Cisco

Choice Solutions uses its expertise to size and deliver the most optimized and suitable server configurations to clients. The company with the broadest server portfolio available today, holds capability to match client's present and future needs. The goal is to reliably support any requirement, from basic infrastructure needs to the most demanding enterprise applications. 
Our commitment towards focused innovation enables customers to do more processing and requests with less server resources. We bring together capacity planning, architecture, implementation and service experience. It ultimately results in a comfortable, yet world-class experience for our client's business.

Our customers get to choose from a broad selection of products, services and solutions provided by different hardware providers and manufacturers. Our prompt service makes them stay with us through multiple generations of hardware and software enhancements. To help you with the appropriate solution, Choice Solutions has entered into partnership with several server OEMs such as HP, Sun, IBM and Dell.
Choice Solutions has all the relevant expertise across various storage technologies to identify and deliver the best suited storage products to meet the clients present and expected future demands. We also provide architecture services for various storage technologies such as:-

·    SAN
·    NAS
·    Storage over IP network such as, iSCSI and FCIP.


Our products can help clients build several storage solutions as per their need.

Storage Consolidation: Enables user to consolidate their storage devices, increase utilization and improve scalability to meet future demands.

Data Protection and Availability: Ensures availability of critical information, optimizes utilization and implements efficient data management.

Disaster Recovery: Enables user to build a robust DR process by redundancy for critical information assets across sites. We use storage or host-based synchronous or asynchronous replication methodologies to enable business continuity in the face of a site-wide outages. 

Storage Security: Helps safeguard at-rest or in-flight data flight across the user network. These solutions allow users to build a trusted core, shielding their enterprise data against mounting internal and external threats.

Choice Solutions provides storage infrastructure and backup solutions to clients in partnership in partnership with world's leading IT storage system manufacturers such as EMC, Hitachi, Netapp, HP, IBM, Sun and Symantec.