IT Services
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  • Server Assessment Services
  • Application Consulting Services
  • Storage Assessment and Consolidation Services
  • Business Continuity Process Services
Choice Solutions has an experienced team of professionals to evaluate the servers deployed at clients’ data center or server room. This helps understand utilization, availability and security concerns, server upgrade requirements and likelihood of using clients’ existing servers for future growth.

Choice Solutions generally focuses on the following areas:

·    Server Connectivity, and LAN and WAN Diagrams (both logical and physical).
·    Monitoring and Alerting Systems.
·    Server Performance and Bottlenecks.
·    Server Resource Utilization Levels.
·    Active Services and Vulnerability Concerns.
·    Inventory Management (hardware as well as applications).
·    Backups and Routine Recovery Plans and Procedures.
·    Server Maintenance.
·    Server Placement and Cooling.
·    Server Inter-Dependencies, Redundancies and Load Balancing.

Based upon the above mentioned criteria our key deliverable's are:

·    Comprehensive Inventory Creation of Server Resources, Applications and Licenses.
·    Enhanced Resource Utilization.
·    Proper Performance Reports.
·    Address Availability Concerns.
·    Prepare List of Active Services and Their Use.
·    Remove Bottlenecks to Meet Future User Demand.

Choice Solution employs a skilled team of IT Solution Architects and Implementation Consultants, most of whom have more than 8 years of hands-on experience, designing and implementing customized application solutions. We are certified vendor of products from leading application solutions providers such as VMware, Symantec, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Our stack of services includes:

·    Infrastructure Solutions - Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Backup Solutions.
·    Advanced Infrastructure Solutions - Unified Communication Solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, etc.
·    Collaboration Solutions - Microsoft Office SharePoint Services.
·    Security Solutions - Active Directory Security, Message and Unified Communications Security, Forefront Client Security and Forefront Server Security for Exchange.
·    Application Health Checks & Audits Solutions - Active Directory, Exchange Health Check Analysis and Reports Generation with finding and recommendations according to our well-established and battle-tested guidelines and best practices.

Choice Solution employs experts who work across several disciplines to support clients in achieving and improving their security, performance, service availability, and 24/7 up-time and continuous customer interaction.

We employ experienced consultants who have proven experience and have been involved in large-scale application implementation and upgrade services:

·    Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 Migration, Re-structuring, and Re-designing of Windows Domains.
·    Lotus Domino to Exchange Migration.
·    Microsoft ISA Architecture and Implementation.
·    Microsoft SharePoint Deployment.

The company also designs and implement various solutions in the server/client security space using products from several leading security OEMs such as:-

·    McAfee
·    Symantec
·    Trend Micro
·    Kaspersky Lab

At Choice Solutions we understand that the value of data and information is critical to client business. The Storage Team provides a range of services that include planning, architecture, deployment, auditing and management of your storage environment. These services can help clients implement scalable storage technologies such as SAN, NAS, iSCSI, FCIP, etc or help consolidate and migrate client data to increase utilization, efficiency, performance and ultimately enabling Business Continuity. The storage related services include: 

·    Capacity Planning - We help in sizing the storage as per user and application requirements and forecasted growth.
·    Architecture Services - Providing enterprise-class storage architecture to meet clients business needs and help optimize the storage infrastructure for improved availability and efficiency.
·    Data Consolidation Services – Develop an alternate architecture to consolidate client storage systems and servers to a centralized platform.
·    Configuration Management – This helps clients develop a storage management solution that integrates well with their existing IT infrastructure management platforms.
·    Service Level Management – This is guided by the SLA requirements clients have in place with their customers. It starts with an accurate and real-time business-level reporting with built-in mechanisms for early warnings for potential violations.
·    Business Continuity Architecture – Helps in prioritizing critical business and IT services, provides a data replication strategy and a plan to restore services using data at an alternate (disaster recover) site.

Choice Solutions works in alliances with industry-leading storage and BCP solution providers such as EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, HP, IBM and Sun.

It is no wonder that after events like the 9/11 attacks in New York and several security and virus-induced outages at service providers such as online brokerages, banks, etc there has a radical transformation towards the need for a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) solution. Choice Solution as specialist in Business Continuity Planning. conducts a variety of BCP assignments for several client organizations offering a variety of services such as:

·    IT and Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment.
·    IT and Business Recovery Strategies and Solutions.
·    Disaster and Business Recovery Plan Development.
·    DR Testing Services.
·    DR Maintenance Services.

Other key areas where we help our clients to go in for BCP are:

We generally have a systematic approach for developing a BCP that consists of the following stages:

Choice Solutions employs experienced consultants who work closely with clients to make sure that the results are realized. We use detailed checklists to examine all areas of clients’ organization and deliver the best suited solution.